Crash Course:  Shifting the Narrative

Our Crash Course course is designed for anyone interested in learning about informed advocacy and ways to participate in facilitating change in the humanitarian and global development sectors. There is no prior experience or training required as this course is tailored to reach participants that are just starting out on their journeys into aid and advocacy work. 

This is a two-week virtual crash course offered quarterly to provide training and experience in the nonprofit sector as it relates to humanitarianism and development. The content in this course covers two incredibly valuable themes that, once understood and put into action, would significantly increase our capacity to better advocate for social justice issues all over the globe.



Learn the history of humanitarian action and why a shift in the way we understand forced displacement issues is necessary


Recognize tangible ways that critical thinking and changes in the language we use can influence our impact locally and globally 

Week One - Paradigm Shifts and Why They Matter: The System We Exist In

Week one looks critically at the history of forced displacement and how current models of humanitarian sectors are functioning. We will then deep dive into the critical need for a systemic paradigm shift as we introduce the concept of accompaniment over distribution.

Additional Resources

Week Two - The Narrative: Why Language Matters

Week two analyzes the consequences of current language trends, labels, and frameworks as we focus on language’s inclusive and exclusive power to shape our perception and experiences of displaced people. 

Potential Organizations

Interested in taking your understanding and involvement in these topics a step further? 

In-Sight Collaborative also offers a longer, more comprehensive course called Reimagining Forced Displacement that further explores these topics, other methods of aid delivery, and why it is imperative we move towards a different approach.

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