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Our projects are not possible without support from our donors! 

Thank you for your solidarity!

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Become a Subscriber!

By signing up to donate to In-Sight Collaborative each month, you will help us accompany our displaced brothers and sisters on their journey to safety.

Subscribers will receive our monthly newsletter with upcoming events, our featured blog posts, and each month's Digital Culture Box which includes recipes, music, and other fun cultural treasures. 

Sign up by clicking the link below and selecting "Make this a monthly donation"

One-Time Donations

Contribute to a project or cause that is meaningful to you by making a one-time donation through any o the following platforms! 

You can also make a big impact by planning your own fundraiser or starting your own digital fundraising campaign using the resources below. Thank you for your support of In-Sight Collaborative!


If you would like your donation to go to a specific project, please choose a designation at checkout!

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Check out the ways you can help fundraise for our organization or a project you care about

Cash or Check

In-Sight operates in a few locations, so please contact us for a mailing address if you would like to make a cash or check donation

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