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Dryers for

Becky's Bathhouse

Moria is currently home to over 19,000 residents, 70% of them women and children, in a camp designed for only 2,500 people. 

As winter is upon us on Lesvos, residents of Moria refugee camp are merely surviving in their containers and make-shift tents. This period of the year is characterized by cold winds and terrestrial rain. We’ve observed that if migrants get sick, they tend to stay sick throughout the season (especially young children). Dry clothing and bedsheets are essential to alleviate some of the ailments of winter. 

Becky’s Bathhouse is a wellness center on Lesvos that provides hot showers, osteopathy treatment, and laundry services to residents of the camp. However, we are not equipped with drying machines and the rain and moisture in the air is not conducive to air-drying. Consequently, we are forced to send visitors home with cold, wet clothes and blankets. 

Hot Greek summers allow us to dry our sizable laundry loads outside, but with winter in full swing, torrential rains mean that the laundry we do for the Bathhouse and its visitors simply cannot dry on our laundry lines.

We currently estimate that we need approximately $2,000 to purchase, ship, and install two heavy-duty dryer units at our facility in Lesvos.

Please help us keep people warm, dry and safe this winter by clicking the button below and selecting "Becky's Bathhouse" as your designation. Any amount helps! 

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