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Expand your horizons with In-Sight Collaborative's education modules!

Crash Course - Introduction to the Humanitarian Sector


This Crash Course course is designed for anyone interested in learning about informed advocacy and ways to participate in facilitating change in the humanitarian and global development sectors. There is no prior experience or training required as this course is tailored to reach participants that are just starting out on their journeys into aid and advocacy work. 


The Crash Course is a short course offered quarterly to provide training and experience in the nonprofit sector as it relates to humanitarianism and development. The content in this course covers two incredibly valuable themes that, once understood and put into action, would significantly increase our capacity to better advocate for social justice issues all over the globe. 

Time Commitment 

2-3 hours per week for two weeks


In-Sight Collaborative believes that educational opportunities should be accessible to all, so our crash course is free. We do ask that if you are able, you make a small donation to help keep these programs possible! 

From Past Participants:

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You can start this course by taking our pre-program survey. Once the survey is complete, the In-Sight education team will contact you to get you started with the modules!

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Rina Sarfraz


"The crash course provided a helpful, guided outline of the humanitarian aid sector. What I loved about the course is its accessibility to individuals coming from all types of backgrounds. It provided valuable information and resources that have encouraged me to keep learning about sustainable humanitarian aid and to keep working in the sector."

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Mindy Nathanson


"The Crash Course altered the social change landscape for me by shifting the focus of aid work to include the experience, needs and cultural values of displaced communities. I believe this is something of value not only in relief work but also in our person-to-person cross-cultural connections." 

Mentorship Program and Leadership Fellowship

In-Sight Collaborative’s mentorship program and mentor fellowship are designed to provide a safe and welcoming introduction to leadership in the humanitarian sector with continuing opportunities to refine leadership skills. 


The humanitarian sector is one of the most diverse and intersectional sectors in the world. Humanitarian action requires coordinated action from legal teams, policy-makers, logisticians, medical specialists, funders,  journalists, local leadership, and many others to successfully execute interventions. We believe that anyone with the right mindset and a willingness to engage can be an effective part of the humanitarian response from any background, profession, or sector. It is one of our goals to help inspire future humanitarian leaders and give them the tools and resources they need to participate in a meaningful way.

Time Commitment

5-6 hours per week for the mentorship program (July-August, 2021)

10 hours per month for the fellowship (August 2021-August 2022)


This program is free.

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