In-Sight Collaborative is a  registered 501(c)3 organization made up of a network of advocates with a shared vision for the improvement of the way we deliver humanitarian aid. Through partnerships and solidarity, we believe in promoting the empowerment of displaced populations and fostering self-sustaining growth through periods of adversity by supporting emergency interventions and long-term projects that aim to preserve dignity and independence while cultivating community. With nearly 70.8 million people displaced globally according to UNHCR due to factors such as conflict, natural disasters, and climate change, we recognize that modern displacement requires modern solutions.

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Kinder World

With love from Minnesota 

The Project: 

Kinder World is a project that aims to create a sustainable support model for Syrian families seeking refuge through community partnership and solidarity.

Through the creation of this network, we will directly address the needs identified by camp residents and assist with solutions that empower the community.

Projects may include telemedicine services, medical and dental care, psychosocial support, nutrition, sustainable farming, education, language skills, parenting support, childcare, individual skill-building, team development through athletics, winterization, and access to clean water.

Minnesota Takes the Lead in Rethinking Aid:

Minnesota and a settlement of 155 Syrians seeking refuge in Northern Lebanon are the first communities to partner using the Kinder World model. Our partner community in Northern Lebanon has identified their most prominent needs including winterization, clean water and proper sanitation, education for the children, and medical care. 

We hope that the success of our project will inspire other communities to get involved and our outreach to Syrian families seeking refuge will continue to grow. Although our partnership US community is based in Minnesota, all are welcomed to get involved! All skills and all support are valuable. 

Please contact us at kinderworldminnesota@gmail.com if you would like to be added to our email list for updates and opportunities to get involved! 

Urgent Appeal for Winterization:

Kinder World Minnesota Phase 1

Our partner community’s tents are dilapidated and won’t withstand the winter.  This will result in flooding, damaging of their belongings, and illnesses from cold exposure.  They need canvas and wood to rebuild their tents.  Our community has also identified the great need for warm jackets and oil.  They do not have proper attire for winter or the oil needed to keep their families warm. 



For just $300, an average family size of 6-7 can be provided with:

- Warm jackets

- Wood and the heavy canvas needed to rebuild their family’s home

- Oil for heating 


Select a one-time donation to support our community’s winterization.


You can also choose to select monthly recurring donations to continue to support Kinder World Minnesota and its ongoing projects.


Any amount helps! Click the donate button below and select "Kinder World" as the designation or include it in the comments!