In-Sight Collaborative is a  registered 501(c)3 organization made up of a network of advocates with a shared vision for the improvement of the way we deliver humanitarian aid. Through partnerships and solidarity, we believe in promoting the empowerment of displaced populations and fostering self-sustaining growth through periods of adversity by supporting emergency interventions and long-term projects that aim to preserve dignity and independence while cultivating community. With nearly 70.8 million people displaced globally according to UNHCR due to factors such as conflict, natural disasters, and climate change, we recognize that modern displacement requires modern solutions.

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Kinder World

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Kinder World is a project that aims to create a sustainable support model for families seeking refuge through community partnership and solidarity.

Through the creation of a dedicated network, we will directly address the needs identified by camp residents and assist with solutions that empower the community.

Projects may include telemedicine services, medical and dental care, psychosocial support, nutrition, sustainable farming, education, language skills, parenting support, childcare, individual skill-building, team development through athletics, winterization, and access to clean water.

Since we launched in October, here are some of the things our pilot partner community from Minnesota has helped us accomplish:

What's next? 
Our next phases focus on the establishment of a sustainable program for basic medical care and securing primary education for the children in our partner community. 
We continue to work with the community to identify their most pressing needs based on the season and the volatile political and logistical situation in Lebanon.
We are still actively pursuing partnerships with other organizations in Lebanon as well as seeking communities in the US who are interested in partnering with a settlement in need.
Get Involved 
We are always open to exploring new community partnerships. If you have a church, mosque, knitting club, dinner group, or other circle of friends who are interested in supporting a new community or contributing to a current partnership, you can contact us at info@in-sightcollaborative.org. We can help with digital and in-person fundraising events, arrange speakers and presentations, 
Donations can be made by clicking the button below and selecting "Kinder World" as the designation!
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