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Nadira Saraswati
Mar 15, 2021
In Introduce Yourself
Hello friends! My name is Saras and I am involved with In-Sight Collaborative initially as a participant in the 2020 summer mentorship program and now as a volunteer. I am a recent graduate from George Washington University where I studied International Affairs with a focus on peace studies and conflict resolution. I was born and raised in Indonesia, but I am currently residing in D.C. For the past 4 years, I have been involved in the international development and peacebuilding sectors where I became exposed to the intersection of migration and social injustices. I am passionate about inclusive development, grassroots peacebuilding, and decoloniality in praxis. I believe in the power of community and centering underrepresented voices. I find myself advocating against the displacement of local peacebuilders and changemakers at the hands of foreign NGOs and their subjugation to over-governance by the state. Through this forum, I hope to share ideas and approaches to learn and unlearn ways to co-create and co-lead community-powered solutions to structural inequalities and injustices. Looking forward to connecting with you all!
Nadira Saraswati

Nadira Saraswati

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