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Uniting Humanitarians Under a New Narrative

Here's what we do

"Migration is a response, not an issue"

In-Sight Collaborative views migration as a pathway and a journey. We understand that those experiencing forced displacement have an entire story behind them - one full of hopes, dreams, talents, and skillsets - and a story ahead of them, full of potential. 

Our mission is rooted in the idea that anyone can be a humanitarian with the right resources and platform. Being a humanitarian is a mindset, a way of grounding yourself in kindness and empathy in all you do to improve the lives of all humankind. As our understanding of complex problems evolves, we must be able to create more flexible human-centric solutions.

Accompaniment is an invitation to participate in a more meaningful narrative. No matter where you are in the world, there are many ways you can take action to support people experiencing displacement.


Learn more about forced displacement and accompaniment by visiting our resources page or signing up for In-Sight Collaborative's education programs and opportunities.

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