In-Sight Collaborative is a  registered 501(c)3 organization made up of a network of advocates with a shared vision for the improvement of the way we deliver humanitarian aid. Through partnerships and solidarity, we believe in promoting the empowerment of displaced populations and fostering self-sustaining growth through periods of adversity by supporting emergency interventions and long-term projects that aim to preserve dignity and independence while cultivating community. With nearly 70.8 million people displaced globally according to UNHCR due to factors such as conflict, natural disasters, and climate change, we recognize that modern displacement requires modern solutions.

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Our Projects

In-Sight accomplishes its mission through a multi-faceted approach – shining a light on situations that otherwise may stay out of the headlines; connecting actors and communities on the ground with external resources and knowledge; and locating, fostering, and promoting innovative solutions to humanitarian aid, no matter how large or small.

Our projects are carefully selected by the In-Sight team and align with our values and methodology. The In-Sight Collaborative network promotes short and long-term projects that address immediate needs while simultaneously looking ahead to the future, promoting resilience, independence, and autonomy for individuals and communities.

To keep our projects going, donations to the general operations of In-Sight Collaborative or a designated project are appreciated and welcomed!