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Our Executive Team


Madi Williamson

Executive Director

Madi is a registered nurse with a B.S. in Public Health. She has worked in the humanitarian sector for five years and now focuses on promoting better interventions in migratory health. 

She has volunteered as a general humanitarian and a medical provider in seven countries, focusing on forcibly displaced populations in camp and urban contexts and on COVID-19 response. 


Madi is one of the founders of In-Sight Collaborative and also sits on the board of Saiyed Foundation, assisting with COVID-19 response, and is a member of the core team at Free Humanitarians who advocate for criminalized humanitarians in the European Union. She also works with a research team at William & Mary College studying the effects of moral injury on humanitarian workers.

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Nadira Saraswati

Chief Operating Officer

Saras has five years of experience working with NGOs, activists, local and government stakeholders in Indonesia and the U.S. in the humanitarian, human rights, and peacebuilding fields. Her research and professional interests are anchored around decoloniality in international development, building resilience in closing civic spaces and fragile contexts, asset-based community approaches, and a post-structuralist lens to advancing social justice and equity. Saras graduated summa cum laude from George Washington University with a BA in International Affairs with a concentration in Conflict Resolution and a minor in Peace Studies. She is passionate about creating spaces that embrace local wisdom and are attuned to the lived experiences of affected populations to ensure more inclusive processes in humanitarian action. 


Stevie Kennedy

HR Coordinator

Stevie joined our team in 2020 as a participant in our summer mentorship program and has stayed on board as volunteer coordinator and now human resource coordinator. She enjoys the work at In-Sight Collaborative because of the way they re-imagine education and support within the aid sector.


Stevie has completed a bachelor of international development and a graduate certificate in sustainable development and humanitarian assistance. Currently, she works full time with men in custody who are diagnosed with disability, applying her HR skills and incredible capacity to care holistically for others. She is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Bella Biddle

Social Media Director

Bella has worked in the humanitarian sector for three years, coming to the field from a strong background of community organising and mutual aid projects. Based in Folkestone, at the shoreline of one of the world’s most dangerous migration routes, Bella helps connect local actors such as trade unions and queer solidarity groups in order to better accompany refugees and asylum seekers in the community.


After she experienced heavy police surveillance and criminalisation for her involvement in high profile social and climate justice campaigns, she began facilitating workshops advising people on how to best keep themselves safe from state violence. She joined the Free Humanitarians team as a Digital Communications Strategist in 2022, expanding her knowledge on human rights law and civic space to encompass the EU and Greek contexts.


Bella graduated from her Masters of Philosophy in Anthropocene Geography from the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses were on indigenous and local marine conservation practice in Egypt, and on borderwork and language in the Mediterranean.


Shaydah Ghom

Research Associate for Program Development

Shaydah began working with the In-Sight Collaborative team in 2020 as a mentor for the
organization’s educational learning program. She also supported the organization’s program
development by planning, moderating, and evaluating webinars. She now serves as a Research
Associate, where she works at the intersection of analyzing dynamics of human rights and
socioeconomic inclusion in the humanitarian field and using the power of storytelling to shape
narratives related to forced displacement to diverse audiences.
Shaydah has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) from McGill University in International Development
Studies with a double minor in Political Science and Social Entrepreneurship. After her
undergraduate studies, she pursued a dual master’s degree at Sciences Po Paris in Public Policy
(MPP) and the University of Toronto in Global Affairs (MGA). She has
similarly pursued professional opportunities in internationally focused spaces, such as the World
Food Program (WFP) Latin America and the Caribbean and the International Organization for
Migration (IOM). Shaydah is currently based in NYC and seeks opportunities where she can use
her language skills (English, Spanish, and French) to improve advocacy and access to services
for displaced populations.

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Anna Kafkoula

2023/2024 Intern and Trainee

Anna joined In-Sight Collaborative in 2023 as a mentee in our summer mentorship program where she brought valuable insights and perspectives to program discussions and activities. 

She was selected to complete the 2023/2024 internship, working alongside our executive team, helping with day-to-day operations while learning more about non-profit management. She is eager to contribute to our mission and expand her knowledge and skills in the humanitarian sector!

Anna has a master’s degree in European health economics and management, and she is working full time as a project manager on clinical studies in the field of interventional radiology.

Our Board of Directors

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Farah Shemisa

Board President

Farah joined the In-Sight Collaborative Board of Directors after volunteering on our Monitoring and Evaluation team from 2021 until the spring of 2022. As a first generation Libyan-Arab American, Farah became involved in providing aid and assistance to those experiencing forced displacement following the Arab Spring in 2011. She hopes to align her passion for humanitarian work and experience in project and program management to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of In-Sight Collaborative. Farah has a bachelor in industrial and system engineering, a master of public health, and is currently in dental school.


Kirstyn Campbell

Vice President

Kirstyn started managing grass-roots non-government organizations in 2010 in Melbourne Australia bringing members of the local community together with refugees from Sudan to provide support, and establishing and managing programs for asylum seekers in immigration detention in the Indian Ocean. In 2014, Kirstyn began a legal career as a criminal law public defender for Aboriginal legal services in Darwin and areas of the Northern Territory, before moving to Queensland representing legal aid victims of domestic violence. In 2016 she accepted a place in the United Nations Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute's Master of Laws at Turin, Italy. After graduating she spent time in the Calais 'Jungle' refugee camp providing legal education and French and English lessons for the residents. 

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Leena Zahra


Leena  Zahra is a Syrian American non profit and humanitarian specialist based in Baltimore. With over seven years of strategic humanitarian community outreach, program management and advocacy experience, she has worked with small to large-scale Nonprofits,  NGOs, and government agencies like the World Food Program (WFP), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Karam Foundation, and U.S. Senate. She has a Master’s in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies from the London School of Economics (LSE), with specialization and interest in amplifying community voices, shifting the narrative and increasing mental health access for globally displaced persons.

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Priyanka D. Sehgal


Priyanka is a strong advocate for basic human rights for all. Given her interest in health economics, global health and strategy, she is well positioned on the In-Sight Board as Treasurer.  She is in an ideal role to oversee and manage the financial affairs of the organization, with a vision to strengthen the organization’s potential to serve those impacted by forced displacement.  Specifically, her background in medicine, coupled with graduate studies in public health has granted her innovative perspectives and enthusiasm in furthering collaborations to broaden In-sight’s global footprint and effectiveness to carry out its mission.

Juanjo's headshot.jpg

Juanjo Ladines

Board Member

Juanjo joined the In-Sight Collaborative Board of Directors after a year of spearheading the monitoring and evaluation team and leading initiatives to bring more Spanish speakers to In-Sight’s blog and webinar series in order to highlight voices of displaced people from Latin America. He is excited by opportunities to help a new generation of changemakers in their quest to impact the world in a humane way through education and connection. Based in Peru, Juanjo plays an integral role in expanding In-Sight Collaborative’s vision to new contexts and networks through his language skills and passion for connecting people.


Mohammad Atrash

Advisory Board Member

Mohammad Atrash is a relief worker from Jerusalem. He obtained a BA in Emergency Disaster Management and MA, in Disaster Education and Management from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi. Mohammad has worked with the Damla Association in Turkey, organizing both small and large-scale social outreach events at locations in disadvantaged communities. He has also worked with the Karam Foundation to provide educational and psycho-social support to refugee children and families in Istanbul, as a translator and case worker for Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi and other refugees at the Çanakkale Immigration Office, and with with Palestinian refugees in Hebron through the International Red Crescent. Mohammad is currently working with the Turkish Red Crescent as a Disaster Monitoring and Evaluation specialist.


Aws Jubair

Advisory Board Member

Aws Jubair is a refugee advocate, humanitarian worker and LGBTQ+ activist from Baghdad, Iraq. Living and working in Turkey since 2011. He's the co-founder/co-director of four humanitarian projects: The Aman Project, which focuses on supporting LGBTQ refugees and advocating for LGBTQ rights in the MENA region; the De-otherize Dialogue Project, which aims to build meaningful collaborations between refugees in the Middle East and the west to promote understanding and combat hate and xenophobia; and United Hands for Refugees e.V. and the Common Sense Initiative, which also focus on refugee support and advocacy.

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