About Us

Our Mission

Reimagining forced displacement by promoting accompaniment along the migratory pathway

In-Sight Collaborative aims to improve the way we deliver humanitarian aid by promoting the maintenance and return of autonomy and dignity among displaced populations. We do this through partnerships, advocacy, and education. We partner with displaced communities as they determine their needs, then work with local NGOs and international operators and experts to connect the resources and solutions to where they are most needed.

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Our Vision

In-Sight Collaborative envisions a world where forcibly displaced people are given holistic support for the entirety of their journey along the migration pathway. 

Our Work

With nearly 70.8 million people displaced globally due to factors such as conflict, natural disasters, and climate change, we recognize that modern displacement requires modern solutions. 

We see the accompaniment model as a way to address modern displacement issues as holistically as possible by honoring the space and situations people came from and the knowledge they gained from those experiences; their current situation and their experience within it; and the journey that lies ahead, which includes rebuilding, healing, and hopefully thriving. 

Humanitarian interventions are, out of necessity, often short-sighted. We believe that recognizing migration as a journey is the first step in promoting more impactful, lasting interventions when it comes to forced migration contexts.


Where We Work

Through partnerships and our own programs, In-Sight Collaborative's network spans dozens of countries. Our main focus addresses the migratory pathways in the Mediterranean region. 

The Brothers Campaign

Greece, Turkey

The Brothers Campaign aims to raise awareness about the stigmas and biases put forth against single, male displaced persons and inequities in aid delivery to this population. This campaign is a joint collaboration between In-Sight and our UK-based partners Refugee Biriyani & Bananas and the two organizations currently work to deliver aid and support displaced males in camp and urban settings in Greece and Turkey.


Kinder World Community Partnerships


Kinder World is a project that aims to create a sustainable support model for families seeking refuge through community partnership and solidarity.

Through the creation of a dedicated network, we will directly address the needs identified by camp residents and assist with solutions that empower the community.

In-Sight's Philosophy

In-Sight Collaborative prioritizes the physical, mental, and emotional safety of all of those involved with our organization. For this reason, you may notice that we are particular about the words we use, the stories we share, and the images that are posted on our website and social media.

In-Sight Collaborative does not believe it is ethical or in line with our mission and values to promote exploitative stories, language, or images for the sake of charity. As such, we ask all staff, partners, and volunteers to adhere to our social media policy and relevant sections of our data protection policy. For more details, you can download our policies below.

In-Sight Collaborative is a registered 501(c)3 organization that relies on a community of volunteers and donors to keep our projects going. Any amount, big or small, is welcomed and appreciated!