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About Us

Our Mission

Uniting humanitarians under a new narrative

Our mission is rooted in the idea that anyone can be a humanitarian with the right resources and platform. Being a humanitarian is a mindset, a way of grounding yourself in kindness and empathy in all you do to improve the lives of all humankind. As our understanding of complex problems evolves, we must be able to create more flexible human-centric solutions

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Our Vision

In-Sight Collaborative envisions a world where forcibly displaced people are given holistic support for the entirety of their journey along the migration pathway, and where they are received by a system that listens to lived experiences and champions the agency of individuals affected by forced displacement.

Our Work

In-Sight Collaborative is a facilitator to those in the humanitarian sector who recognize that cultivating an equitable aid system starts with oneself. Moving from its direct aid model, In-Sight Collaborative now works to embody the accompaniment model. We educate humanitarians to be intentional and empowered to cultivate a more equitable system by providing educational tools, programs, and platforms to address harmful policies and practices.


In-Sight Collaborative is a registered 501(c)3 organization that relies on a community of volunteers and donors to keep our projects going. Any amount, big or small, is welcomed and appreciated!

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Get Involved

Do you want to learn more about the humanitarian sector and participate in our programs? Visit our Programs page for more information! 

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