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The Brothers Campaign

“But what about the women and the children?”

Yes, and what about the boys they love?

What about the husbands, the brothers, the sons?

Are they not human, too?

Learn more about our brothers experiencing displacement while supporting aid delivery, legal support, emotional support, and advocacy for male refugees by subscribing to our Digital Culture Box! Each month's box is designed with help from our brothers who contributed recipes, music, and fun facts about the homes they've had to leave behind.

Our fathers. Our sons. Our brothers.

While women and children are rightfully prioritized in aid delivery, this means that men in humanitarian crisis zones are often forgotten and they struggle to meet their most basic needs. 


Many men are the head of their household and are sent on the journey to safety alone or are responsible for their loved ones. They are just as vulnerable and also need physical and psychological support.

The Brothers Campaign is a partnership between In-Sight Collaborative, Refugee Biriyani & Bananas (RBB), and a volunteer ground team of Refugees. The goal is simple: to address this gap in aid delivery and ensure that our brothers are kept safe and warm throughout their time as displaced people.

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