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The Brothers Campaign

“But what about the women and the children?”

Yes, and what about the boys they love?

What about the husbands, the brothers, the sons?

Are they not human, too?

Our fathers. Our sons. Our brothers.

While women and children are typically prioritized in aid delivery, this means that men in humanitarian crisis zones are often forgotten and they struggle to meet their most basic needs. 


Many men are the head of their household and are sent on the journey to safety alone or are responsible for their loved ones. They are just as vulnerable and also need physical and psychological support.

Because of mainstream narratives that paint young men from certain regions, cultures, or religious backgrounds as threatening or dangerous, displaced men not only struggle to meet their basic needs throughout their journey, but they also face stigmatization and exclusion from humanitarian systems and structures that are supposed to help keep them safe. Male migrants are disproportionately subjected to violence at borders, detention, and torture. 

The Brothers Campaign is a partnership between In-Sight Collaborative, Refugee Biriyani & Bananas (RBB), and a volunteer ground team of members of affected communities who are currently or formerly experiencing forced displacement. The goal is simple: to address this gap in aid delivery by supporting projects that serve displaced men, and by advocating for our brothers through education initiatives and a robust network of humanitarian actors, journalists, medical professionals, legal experts, and other relevant specialists. In-Sight Collaborative contributes to this initiative by supporting research and creating educational tools for humanitarian actors and promoting models of accompaniment so that men on the move are supported throughout their journeys by networks of humanitarian actors around the world. 


Brothers Campaign Resources

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