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A Glance Across Borders

The Digital Culture Box is a monthly subscription plan designed to provide flexible, consistent funding to In-Sight, which is on the front lines of humanitarian issues while also breaking down stigmas and stereotypes about refugees and forcibly displaced people.

On the last day of each month, subscribers will receive a newsletter highlighting the parts of a country or culture that our brothers want to share with the world! 

Scroll down to see our payment plans and be sure to follow us on social media for sneak peeks of each month's content.

$15/month - Standard subscription 

  • On the last day of each month, you will receive an email with the featured Culture Box with downloadable content like recipes, music playlists, and more!

$25/month - Platinum subscription: 

  • Subscribers will receive an email with the featured Culture Box

  • An access code to the Culture Box section of the website where they can find archived digital boxes and bonus content

  • Platinum subscribers will also receive two raffle tickets which they can redeem in any of our quarterly raffles

$50/month or higher - Gold subscription: 

  • Gold subscribers will receive an email with the featured Culture Box, 

  • An access code to the website

  • Gold subscribers will receive automatic entry into all of our quarterly raffles 

Why Subscribe?

Digital Culture Box involves the communities impacted by displacement and currently seeking support from In-Sight Collaborative and our partners. This format allows them to partake in dismantling harmful stereotypes and contribute to fundraising for the cause while still protecting their privacy. 

Thank You!

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