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Education Resources

The path to informed advocacy starts with education. 

The In-Sight Collaborative team is dedicated to convening some of the best educational resources available in one place where learners of all educational levels can access new information to expand their horizons. Explore a combination of In-Sight Collaborative original content as well as materials developed by other partners or members of the forced migration network.


Online Courses

In-Sight Collaborative offers automated online modules about current issues in the humanitarian sector. These modules are self-paced and can be adapted to your interests and schedule!

Training Modules

The humanitarian sector often lacks appropriate training that orients people to the realities of the sector and equips participants for the intensity of humanitarian response. 

Our modules educate incoming participants in the sector on the history and current challenges of forced migration and humanitarian response, important safety and safeguarding considerations in-person and online, and personal wellness to help prevent severe mental health consequences from humanitarian work. 

If you are an individual or organization who would like to use our training modules to orient your team, please contact us!



Mentorship Programs

In-Sight Collaborative's Mentorship Program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for current or aspiring humanitarian sector participants to come and get a glimpse at the intersectionality of humanitarian action and how all of us can play a meaningful role from our own respective sectors. 

Launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program was designed to help establish a professional network and gain valuable sector experience when students and young professionals were unable to find opportunities with other agencies. 

Since then, the program has evolved to a direct-mentorship structure where participants with an interest in leadership can start the process of becoming mentors for the next generation of humanitarians. In 2024, we will welcome our first cohort of winter participants in a 10-week part-time program structure!

Esraa Sayed.JPG

Esraa Sayed


"Without this program, I'd have spent my life wondering if I'll ever be able to support humanitarian issues, now I can say that I can".

Mohamed Aboulwafa.jpg

Mohammad Aboulwafa


"For me it was a great experience and an excellent opportunity to be a part of this program because I find it very challenging to gather all these persons with their differences towards an important goal like that, for me I find it a life-changing experience because it helps me to see what I couldn't do."

Luana Nunes.jpg

Luana Nunes


"I want to be aware of what is happening around the world, I don’t want to be another person pretending that everything is ok, when it's not. This program was very challenging and it made me wonder about everything, even about myself."


Muhammad al Mahroof


" I learned from the experiences of some refugees and also those who make research into their issues and those who are directly involved in providing services and succour to refugees. The program was a big eye opener for me as I look forward to an opportunity to volunteer as a humanitarian and also keep open the network created from this training."

Stay tuned for the opening of our application cycle for this year's program. 

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In-Sight Collaborative has over a dozen webinars and discussions around forced migration and the humanitarian sector available on our YouTube channel!

Webinars with corresponding forum posts will specify the link in the description so you can participate in the discussion at any time!

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