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Azfaar*: The Peacemaker

(In His Words; The name of the individual is changed for privacy reasons)

“I'm Azfaar*, I am twenty one and half years old. I graduated from pharmacy faculty and studied political science for a year. Last year, in the Afghan parliamentary elections, I was speaking to a candidate's team. I was leading many programs. After finishing the program, I went to the pharmacy and worked there. I was also a teacher in the school for six months. I had a good life in Afghanistan with my family! Before, I would go to university in the morning and work in the pharmacy in the afternoon. Until one day I was stabbed with a knife by three people, I don't know who are they.

They kidnapped me. It was a tough day! Since that day, I have many problems. We sold our house. Then we made the toughest decision - leaving Afghanistan. That's my hometown. And I will never forget it! I miss every moment to visit my homeland again.

After leaving Afghanistan we saw many problems with my family together, especially in Turkey! We are here thinking of a good life, of better knowledge, of philanthropy, of returning home and of a great achievement for our country (science, higher education, general change). The refugees are here and no government cares about them. But I think this is not humanity right! Who wants to leave their homeland and go far and seek refuge? Would you like? But what about the life of your family? Do you go then?

How was the journey from Turkey to Greece? We Afghanistan cry, and then we went to Irn and after that Turkey. But unfortunately nobody can understand what we saw in Turkey, what we did in Turkey, what we wanted in Turkey, it's so difficult for me to explain to anyone. Now I'm in Greece, I work in the SMH organization and UNHCR here. Also now I have two classes. I'm teaching English language and history of Afghanistan. I know I'm not perfect, but I can help refugees. Also refugees need some positive sentences, because they are living in very bad situation in Vial camp. They need to make dreams in their lives.

I have a very big plan, for the world peace. In this program, youth from every country can work for peace and work to this program. This program is great. I want to go from here to a country that can understand and accept my desire as a human being. This program provides the foundation for world peace! And after this article, I wish that there was peace in the whole world so that no one would take refuge anywhere!...Now I'm writing a book by the name of {kiss of death} this book is talking about refugees and my history!

The peace plan is the universal plan. In this program we need one person from every country in the world. This way we can make a good collection to help others. This app is for young people. And we still need the support of a compassionate government for the people to support us. This program can have a positive impact on a country's economy. We can also build many libraries and practice the slogans of peace through this program. This program makes no one else a refugee, because by doing so we will end the war, I know it sounds difficult, but it is not impossible. Through this program, young people can continue their education, children can study and families can be happy.

We need the support of Europe & USA! Because they have the perfect politics in the world. And we can create like united nation, but with some different. Like we visited all third world countries.And we can find what is the most problem of this countries. For example, Afghanistan is fighting the Taliban, we can build peace between them with this program and with the help of the United States of America. We elect one representative in each country. Officially and legally. An embassy called the Embassy of Peace. We also seek help from other major and powerful countries in the world, such as France and the United Kingdom. For example, the UK could send its troops to Syria to help the US and make peace in Syria.

There are other political parts I can't say right now, I can only say that the US economy is growing and no one is going to be a refugee. Another part of the program is the slogans of peace, where we practice one slogan every year, for example, one year slogans (no violence, yes smile). We teach people not to be angry and to be kind to each other.We teach people that women are no different than men. Beautiful women are created, they need the love of men, you should not treat them violently! This program will be successful in two years and will make a big difference in the world.

"I can say so much for now. I believe in you and I hope you can help me!”

- Azfaar*

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