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From Behind Bars

I’m having an experience that I never thought that I would have. It’s been 4 months since the day that I was arrested, and to this day whenever I sleep I remember that day.

How fast it was.

And I can’t even forget anything.

Until they transferred me to the prison I had bad times in my life, but prison is new.

I’ve learned a lot of things from this experience.

I learned how you stay in one room all day, and you only have 1 hour per day to go out into the yard and sit in the sun– for 2 months.

I learned what you will do when your friends and family don’t know anything about you for a long time and you can’t do anything about it.

I learned how you can stay in a faraway room, so if something happens to you no one will hear you until the morning.

I learned to be on a trial without understanding what they are saying, without knowing what you are on the trial for.

I learned how to be on the ferry while handcuffed instead of being well-dressed. One of the guys was without shoes and no one gave him any.

I learned how you stay in a police station and no one can come and visit you or even be allowed to bring you clothes to change into.

I learned how to sleep every night thinking about the time that I wasted in prison counting the minutes, the days, the months.

And the worst nightmare will be counting the years.

I saw people in this prison for 1 or 2 years without doing anything and I’m afraid to end up like them.

I started to forget even the most simple things, like eating food with a metal spoon.

Or staying outside when it’s dark.

I started to forget what the moon looks like.

Being in prison is teaching me a new thing every day and there are a lot of good things that I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t in prison.

My mom always said, “Son, remember what your name means.”

So I tell myself that I can be patient, I’m good at it, and I always try my best to contribute no matter where I am.

And I always say that every bad thing that happens to me will be for a short amount of time, there is no bad thing that will happen forever.

Sooner or later I will go out and I will have my good old days again with my friends.

There are people I didn’t know, what will I do without them supporting me to this day, and making what I’m in easier?

From behind the bars I want to say thank you to every single person from my heart. I thank you and I love you and I will never forget you until the last days of my life. I love you and I will always love you.

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