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Moody: About My Life

The world is so big

Some people are living the good life happily

And don't know anything about the other side of the world where people are dying and having the tough life.

I am one of those people

I had to leave my friends, family and my home behind me

I made the biggest decision so far in my life to cross borders and I don't know if I will arrive safely or not

It was all I took for a life that I can live in peace

and have a bright future.

One with no war

With no bombing

With no discrimination

That is what I am looking for

Life is not easy at all

Even though we struggle, I try my best to keep that smile on me

and keep the people around me happy

Moody Abdi is a refugee from Somalia. Born in Saudi Arabia, he was forced to flee Somalia soon after returning due to threats from terror groups. In search of a peaceful and happy life of safety, Moody is currently in Chios, Greece where he volunteers with organizations in the camp community as a translator for Somali, Arabic, and English

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