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Thought (Identity)

[Since childhood]

In the years since childhood, we were studying a number of subjects that complement each other, including Islamic education and national education.

[Islamic identity]

We have learned from a young age to preserve the religion, abide by its requirements, and live according to its controls because it is the religious identity that distinguishes us and distinguishes the Muslim with his manners, behavior, morality, treatments, love to others, peace and tolerance.

[National identity]

We have also learned to love the country and its soil and to defend it by every means and in any field because it is the compassionate heart for its children and the comforting haven for them.

[My identity is my personality]

The Muslim keeps his national Islamic identity with all its controls, behavior and features wherever he goes ,wherever he lives and wherever he stays.

He keeps it from the loss. From the melting and from the vanishing because whenever the identity disappears, personality, principles, and values all these elements ​​fade away and then the cause evaporates

[Advantage and mark]

Surely, there is no harm to benefit from some other cultures or civilizations unless they contradicted your original identity and its rules. Likewise, there is no doubt that you, as a human with a personality, identity and cause, you should show this identity in your personality, morals, behavior and treatments, and it should also appears in your contributions with others and your mark in their minds.

[Be proud]

Be proud of your identity And export it to others, whatever life keeps you away from your country, your family and your land. Always keep your identity which is a source of pride and glory for you.

I'm a Palestinian Muslim ; I'm proud of my identity.

Bader Al-Aqad is from Palestine, currently residing in Greece. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and information with a major in Public Relations and Advertising as well as several course diplomas in the media and design fields. Bader has a passion for teaching,

having planned many activities and events around education camps and lectures on his specialty in communications as well as on the Holy Quran.

"I aspire to have professional freedom; to build my own business. I also aspire to put a fingerprint in this world that has a great impact; I want to help and help people in my own way."

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