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Kayra: Founder of Love Without Borders

Created by Shannon Weir

Edited by Leena Zahra

Kayra Martinez, an American flight attendant, started an item distribution for refugee communities in Greece, later turning it into an incredible, inspiring platform to allow creative, artistic expression for thousands of displaced artists and youth. Love Without Borders' mission:

We aim to provide refugees in Greek camps, shelters, and housing communities with a source of emotional expression and economic self-empowerment while giving them a platform to spread awareness of the conditions in which they live and their varied and largely unmet needs.

Kayra and her team collect donations that go into the artwork and supplies, and return 100% of the earnings from the sale of refugees’ artwork to the artist who created each piece. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Love Without Borders are doing virtual art exhibitions, otherwise usually being in-person events to showcase the artist and their meaningful artwork.

Thank you Kayra for all you do, acknowledging the need to use our platforms to amplify the dignity and respect of displaced communities, sharing their creative expressions on their own terms.

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